Penclic KB3 – So flexible and so shiny!

The brand new Penclic KB3 Bluetooth mini keyboard

Penclic are now releasing a stylish new keyboard to our successful range of mini keyboards. The Mini Keyboard KB3 is our first Bluetooth keyboard and it works seamlessly with Windows, Android, IOS and OSX. With all the special command keys that you need across all platforms. (Not Windows Mobile)

The entire casing is made out of aluminium, making the keyboard as sturdy and durable as they come. It also makes it shiny and luxurious. They keys/switches are as comfortable as they are able to be with a satisfying feedback that is both fast to type on and lenient on your fingertips. The rubber feet ensures that the keyboard stays in its position on your workdesk.


It is both a bluetooth keyboard and a corded keyboard. Switch between the two settings to guarantee a good connection to any device/operating system mentioned above.

Penclic design keyboards and mice that help to reduce and prevent the symptoms of R.S.I. (Repetitive Strain Injury). The KB3 has rounded low profile keys which are quiet, tactile and easy to trigger making for a fast, effective and above all an accurate user interface. Designed in-line with our other successful Penclic keyboards the KB3 uses the ‘tenkeyless’ design which reduces the keyboards footprint by placing the keyboard in a closer and more comfortable working position. The keyboard is only 5-10 mm thick in a wedge shape allowing the user to rest their arms flat on the work surface.

The KB3 is currently available in sassy black and we will be releasing the KB3 in a few other striking colours at the beginning of 2017.

It is currently available in Sweden and in the UK and more countries to follow. (within a couple of months) So keep your eyes open and check back to our site every now and then too make sure you dont miss the opportunity to be one of the first to own your own sassy and shiny Penclic KB3.

Buy your new Penclic KB3 or read more here!

Penclics travel kits are now available!

Penlic wants their users to be healthy wherever they are, that’s why we have designed travelkits to make it easier for you to be ergonomically correct on the go, ergo on the go!

Our bags are large enough to fit our keyboard, our numpad and our nicetouch plus a pair of fishhooks that are used to raise your laptop to a better height. The Penclic mouse fits perfectly in the separate case, keeping it safe from knocks on your travels.


Everything in Penclics range is super light which means that there is no excuse for not bringing it along with you when you are our and about. By pushing your laptop away from you, using fishhooks to raise the height of the screen and by using our mini keyboard and touchpad to center your working position, you automatically sit better and avoid bending your neck down to look at your laptop screen. The Penclic mouse is a great travel companion as the pen grip feels much more natural and you avoid any twists in your wrists when you use it. Because you only need small movements with the Penclic mouse it it well suited for working in small areas, such as on a plane or a train.

Remember the most important thing while travelling. Take time to look up from your computer and check out the surroundings. You might be travelling in your work, but travel is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. The world is full of wonderous things. Don’t miss them!

Penclic mini keyboard with the BEPO layout

Penclic launches their unique mini keyboard with a new thinking layout, combining contemporary Swedish design with user comfort and the open source Bépo layout for faster and more comfortable typing in French.


Early draft of the Penclic Mini Keyboard C2 BEPO


The evolution of the keyboards started with the type writer, the layout was dictated by the possibility of the legs with letters not interconnecting. Therefore the most used letters are placed far away for each other. This is obviously not optimal for the most efficient and less strain for the user.

In the resent years there have been a couple of different developments to optimise the layout for example with the community of DWORAK. Fantastic developments but as different languages has different needs, the French layout community have developed BÉPO. It is adapted for the French languages and especially important is that the accent is already included é. This is one of the most frequently used letters in the French written language. And in line with Penclic whole product range, it is all about give the user an greater experience in front of the computer, optimising the way of working for a healthier life.

Penclics Mini Keyboard has low Quite-touch keys are of normal size and providing good tactile feeling which results in a quick response, giving the user a comfortable and easy to use experience.

The relaxing, neutral colours make the mini keyboard as easy on the eyes as on your fingertips. The keyboard gives off minimal reflection, and usually matches the colour on your computer screen. This is a visual ergonomic improvement, implemented to enhance user experience.

Five ergonomic mistakes you might be making at the office!

Sitting still for too long isn’t good for your body. There are some things you can do to make sure that you lessen the strain on your body – simple tricks that you might not have thought of.

Did you know that something as innocent as having the wrong height on your keyboard is enough to cause RSI if used for long periods of time? Or that your computer mouse can cause you a lot of pain?

Here are five ergonomic mistakes you might be making at work.

1 – Not using an ergonomic mouse.  Your wrist is in an unnatural position when you use the old fashioned regular mouse. The twist in the wrist is very strainful on your arm, elbow and shoulders. Use a vertical mouse that keeps your wrist in a more natural position, the handshake position. A pen like mouse is perfect as the pen grip is a very relaxed way of holding the mouse.

Picture of an arm i the correct postition to the table

Let your arm rest on the table and the pen grip allowes you to lean your arm at an optimal 45 degree angle

2 – Not using an ergonomic keyboard. The regular keyboard is to thick. You have to either twist your wrists upwards to reach the keys, or hover both your arms above the table to reach the keys. Either way is bad for you. The regular keyboard is also way to wide and when you place your mouse to the right of the keyboard it means that you are working outside the wdth of your shoulders which can cause pain in the long term. Use a keyboard that is as flat as possible, allowing you to rest your arms on the table as you type without having to twist your wrists upwards to reach the keys. A tenkeyless design (no numpad) is also good as it lets you bring your mouse in and work within the width of your shoulders. If you use a numpad in your work, get a separate mouse pad that gives you flexibility as to where to place it.


3 – Sitting still for too long. Move around every now and then, change your working positions. Do you have a sitt/stand desk? Perfect, use it.

4 – Only using a laptop. The new ABW (Action Based Workplace) offices are great to look at and perfect for the employees as you move around a lot and change your working positions often. But a lot of people are using their laptops in this work environment and some places might not have screens and computer peripherals, leaving you with just your laptop. Because the keyboard and the screen is attached it means that the screen is far too close to you, making you look down to see whats on the screen. Push the laptop away from you and use an external keyboard and mouse.

5 – Strong contrasts between the light computer screen and dark laptops or computer peripherals (keyboard etc). Constantly changing from looking at a light background and a dark background is bad for your eyes. This can cause dry eyes or gritty eyes. Look for lightly coloured computer accessories that match the light background of your screen for the optimal eye ergonomics.

The Penclic way to have fun at work

Its important to have fun at work. Not just because it makes you happier and enjoy your work even more, but because it can also be good for you health wise. At Penclic, having fun at work is a must. We are a small team that work very closely together at all times so grumpy faces spread easely. Thats something that we try to avoid. Here are a few small pointers that help us to have fun at work.

Music – we all love music and the music list is a constant source for friendly banter within the team. Some want to listen to some sort of music (and I use the word music very loosely) and the rest of us get to get our friendly banter on. However, it is important to let everyone chose a few songs that are their personal favourites, no matter what the others think. We have created our own spotify list with songs that all of us have chosen. The health aspect of this is that no one can sit still while listening to great music. Lots of chair shifting, behind swinging and small foot dance routines underneath the work desks going on at all times. Listen to Penclics list on Spotify

Get up and move around alot – Take mini breaks and grab a coffee or a cup of tea every now and then. Sit somewhere else and have a chat together. Make sure to ask everyone how their weekend was, or what they are going to do the next weekend. Everyone likes to feel important and heard. We have walk and talk meetings at Penclic. Why sit in a conference room when you can have a walk beside a lake or in a park. We often combine our meetings with a walk to the coffee shop for our daily latte.

Laugh a lot – it cant be business all the time. Our techie Ollie will always provide us with a laugh by sharing the latest funny video doing the rounds. Peter loves to share stupid Autocorrects or bad parent texts. Stina is never late in joining in on some friendly banter and Josefine knows everything funny currently being shared on facebook. She also loves to try to get everyone else on snapchat. How many pictures of Peter with butterflies in his hair are there by now?

Last but not least. Be appreciative of everyone elses work. Complement them on a job well done.

New client Sarah talks about her first impressions of the R2

Penclic asked one of our new clients Sarah to answer a few questions about the Penclic mouse. The Mouse Sarah had bought was our R2 which is our five button wireless model.

1 – Is it easy to get used to the mouse?

It didnt take long at all for me to get used to the Penclics R2. Because its shaped like a pen it is very natural to just grip the pen and start working. My estimation is that it took around a week until it was perfectly natural to use it!

2 – What does using the Penclic mouse feel like?

Very comfortable! When I first used the mouse I automatically placed it beside my keyboard. Thats where its always been. When I was told to place it in front of the keyboard, in front of me, it all became a lot easier.

3 – Your first impressions?

Very positive. Finding the right technique to access all the functions was easy. I also feel that the normal tension in my wrists and shoulders that I feel with a regular mouse is all gone.

4 – Has anyone at your office reacted to your Penclic Mouse?

I was laughing as I read this question – So many reactions! “what the hell is that?!” och ”How does that work?” There have been so many questions and so many sniggers, I do admit that it looks kinda funny – but dont judge the book by its cover. Many have tried it and although it takes some getting used to they do understand the concept and they also understand that it is good ergonomically, because that you feel straight away!

Penclic R2 Mouse

The Penclic R2 has 5 buttons and a scroll wheel – The Best Computer Mice of 2016

PC Mag has reviewed the Penclic B3 this year and gave it the Editors Choice award. You can read the review in its full here –

Their bottom line was “The Penclic Mouse B3 is one of the best ergonomic mice we’ve reviewed, with a comfortable pen grip and intuitive button layout.”

The Penclic B3 was also featured in their top 10 mice of the year in a recent article, stating that “The Penclic Mouse B3 is one of the best ergonomic mice we’ve reviewed, with a comfortable pen grip and intuitive button layout.

See the full list here –

The Penclic Bluetooth B3 - Three button mouse.

The Penclic Bluetooth B3 – Three button mouse.

Digital Artist Khuantru talks about using the Penclic Mouse


A few weeks back while doing some research on the internet we found some amazing artwork that was created using (amongst other tools) a penclic mouse. We contacted the artist Khuantru to see if he was interested in talking about what he likes about the mouse and how it helps him with his creations. This is what he told us.

tiffany_ann_by_khuantru-d3hx4v5 penclic-khuan-tru maria_brink_1_by_khuantru-daffs9c
I would like to introduce myself to you about the ‘Penclic’ mouse / pen I stumbled upon by sheer luck while browsing for items via my local Pc World Store in London, United Kingdom. I have been vectoring fan art illustrations for a number of years using the traditional tool ‘mouse’ and I recently wanted to replace my current one with another. I stumbled upon the wired Penclic, at first glance the design is a pen but with a small base at the bottom that I believe functions as a mouse,  I took a chance on it and purchased one for myself to use & to experiment with my illustrations.

It does take some time adapt and get use to, especially if you have been using the ‘mouse’ for years creating digital fan arts / editing pictures.  After a while, it does get easier and on top of that, the ‘pros’ come in, the buttons that are laid out onto the pen / base works wonders and are very convenient to navigate the web, your desk top & your illustration software. I’ve been using the ‘penclic’ tool for about a year now and so far the experience with it for creating the fan arts I do are positive.  I would recommend this to any one that is interested in moving away from the ‘mouse’ to a pen type tool. Give it a chance, it’s really a pen / mouse experience for your computer platform.

Also I would like to thank ‘Penclic’ for sharing my experience as well the fan arts I have produced using the wired penclic tool onto their blog page as examples of what I have done with it. Hopefully we’ll see other works from you here on their blog.

Best wishes everyone and good luck creating your art with your Penclic tool.

Khuan Tru

tiffany_by_khuantru-d3f5w6w kiss_michon_by_khuantru-d1veq2charley_quinn_by_khuantru-dae53up