the symetric pen mouse

Penclic Next Generation Universal Mice Now Available

With products that are constantly evolving in the computer accessory space, Penclic answered the needs of "South Paw" consumers by creating a mouse ideal for left- and right-handed users. The new symmetrical design brings the Penclic experience to a universal audience and mirrors the functionality and design of its award winning predecessor, the Bluetooth Mouse B2.

Adding features that make the new generation compatible with left- and right-handed users, the D3, R3 and B3 have the scroll wheel located in the middle of the pen's shaft. The scroll wheel also doubles as the middle click button, which not only eases the transition period when adjusting to this uniquely-designed, laser-focused alternative but also makes the mouse easier to operate for our "South Paws."

So now go and check out the rest of our web page and get friendly with Penclic!