About us

We are Penclic, a family-run business based in Stockholm. Since 2011, the year we launched the original Penclic mouse, our mission has been to make ergonomics sexy!

By combining ergonomic requirements of our bodies, the latest technology and minimalist Scandinavian design, we produce computer accessories that help you be more productive & healthy in your day-to-day work on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Penclic Dream Team

Stina The boss

“We dare you to have as many emails open as Stina has at any point in time, with a laugh she tackles almost anything that is thrown at her and with passion she wants to give the world better health and believe to have a fun at work is the key to success”

Olle The Techie

“Olle happily commutes back and forth to China, thinking up new cool ideas and great ways to help people with new products and techniques. With a quirky sense of humour you won’t be bored, just don’t try to communicate before lunch”

Emilia Graphic & Design

“Our freelance saviour in a light and shining armour, there is not a time of day Emilia doesn’t save us with new grahics, photos, instagrams and really anything we need with a great laugh and smile. We love to have her in the office, she prefers the forest with the dog, horse and kids though!”

Jerry US Sales & Marketing

“Jerry loves to talk to people, don’t be afraid to ask him anything, he will answer with a smile, located in New York we are all jealous so make him work. With Jerry in the front seat watch out USA, Penclic is coming”

James China Rep

“With a friendly smile James runs our everyday operations in Shenzhen China, with warmth takes Penclic on new adventures among new suppliers, hot pot restaurants and cultural enlightments, like dragonboat festivals and how to decorate the office the feng shui way”

Alvin Sales Consultant Nordic Region

Jossan Backoffice

“With a smile on her face, Jossan will happily take your orders, answer your questions and loves to hear from all of you”