FAQ – Mice

Why is Penclic Mouse™ better than a traditional computer mouse?
Penclic Mouse is designed to enable you to perform the smallest precision movements on your computer, whilst utilising the parts of your body designed for such movements. Penclic Mouse allows your fingers to carry out these delicate and precise movements, compared with traditional computer devices which require the user to utilise their shoulders and arms in an unnatural and unhealthy position. The likelihood of a user obtaining Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, are drastically reduced when using Penclic Mouse instead of a traditional mouse.

Does Penclic Mouse™ have the same features as a traditional mouse?
Yes, Penclic Mouse has 3-5 buttons depending on the model, and a scroll wheel.

What problems may Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) cause?
RSI is an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous system that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, sustained or awkward positions. Problems with the neck, shoulders and hands can occur due to highly controlled, static, monotonous, repetitive work.

How do I use Penclic Mouse™?
Hold the top section of the mouse like you would hold a pen. Allow your forearm and hand to rest on your working surface, whilst keeping your shoulders relaxed. The bottom part of Penclic Mouse acts like a traditional mouse.

Do I move Penclic Mouse™ in the same way as a traditional mouse?
No, you place Penclic Mouse in a comfortable and relaxed position on your work surface and only move your fingers. Imagine that you are a using a pen, and writing a letter to someone. This natural ergonomic movement is the basis of Penclic Mouse.

How is Penclic Mouse™ suited for my needs?
The pen part can be adjusted to suit specific grips. Hold the bottom part with one hand, whilst rotating the pen to the preferred angle with the other hand

Is Penclic Mouse™ suited for both left and right handed users?
Yes, R3/D3/B3 is suitable for both left and right handed users, while R2/D2/B2 is mostly suitable for right handed users.

I am a left hand user, is there anything special I should consider?
The R3/D3/B3 model is more suitable for left hand users. In your operating system you have the possibility to change between right hand and left hand use.

What is the difference between the models R2/D2/B2 and R3/D3/B3?
R3/D3/B3 has a symmetric design with three buttons and scroll wheel placed on the pen shaft. R2/D2/B2 has five buttons and the scroll wheel placed on the base.

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a predefined communication protocol in 2.4 GHz band. It allows device manufacturers to integrate the antenna and connect it with hardware from other manufacturers.

What is the difference between wireless and Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a standard. Meaning different manufacturers can connect trough Bluetooth technology. “Wireless” can be seen as each manufacturer having its own language. Hence, the need for an USB antenna. The same frequencies 2400-2483 GHz is used, wireless networks are working on that frequency. Also, meaning sometimes they can disturb each other.


Which operating systems does Penclic Mouse™ work with?
The supported platforms for Penclic Mouse are all operating systems that support HID 1.1. These includes Windows XP or later, Mac OSX version 10.1 or later and most Linux/BSD flavors.

Do you need any extra software?
No extra software/driver installations are needed.

Does Penclic Mouse™ have the same features as a traditional mouse?
Yes, Penclic Mouse has 5-buttons and scroll wheel. The left click, right click and middle click are on the pen shaft’s right side. On the pen shaft’s left side the backward click and forward click for surfing are positioned.

How do I get started with my Penclic Mouse B2/B3?
Insert the batteries into the mouse and charge them with the micro-USB-cable. Set the mouse power switch on the bottom of the mouse to ON. Activate the Bluetooth connection on your computer. Search for Bluetooth devices on your computer and then activate the Bluetooth search on the mouse by pressing the button on the bottom. Once found select BT Mouse/Penclic Mouse B3 and the mouse is now installed and ready for use.

How do I start the Bluetooth connection on my computer?
In the settings on your operating system you will find the Bluetooth connection. If you do not know where to find it google “Bluetooth settings (your operating system)”.

How do I start the Bluetooth connection on my Penclic Mouse B2/B3?
The mouse starts its identifying mode when you press the button on the bottom of the mouse. The LED will then flash blue and do that as long as it is identifiable.

Is there any difference between the buttons function between a PC and a Mac?
The buttons functions are based on the markets standard solution HID 1.1 (Human interface device) protocol for USB, introduced in 1999. Windows and Linux support this but unfortunately Apple has not implemented the industry standard functions beyond 2 buttons, the left click and right click. This is a known problem among mouse manufacturers. At the moment the best way to get the middle click, backward click and forward click working is to program the buttons.

When do I use the middle click?
The function of the middle button depends on the operating system and program being used. Most commonly it is used as an alternate scrolling function, allowing you to use mouse movements to scroll and open a link in a new tab. This is a scrolling function that where implemented before the scroll wheel become mouse standard. With the middle button you can scroll up and down as well as left and right just by pressing the button. Many programs use the middle button for special functions, i.e. CAD. Which scroll function to use depends on your personal preference. The difference is the feeling.

The cursor movement is too fast. Can I change the settings?
When installed, Penclic Mouse is to be used like a traditional computer mouse. However, Penclic Mouse has an extremely fast and precise reading device which may require adjusting. Either change the dpi setting (see dpi), or the Penclic Mouse can be calibrated the same way as a traditional computer mouse can be. Adjustments can be performed in the operating system of your computer or on Penclic Mouse itself.

How sensitive is Penclic Mouse™ regarding tracking?
Penclic Mouse ensures smooth movement and fast response to small movements of your fingers. The settings are between 800 – 2400 dpi depending on the model.

How do I adjust the dpi settings?
On D2 the dpi switch is located under the mouse. For R2 the dpi settings can be changed by simultaneously holding the left and right button for 3 seconds. On R2.1 hold middle and forward button, button 3 and 5, to change dpi. R3/D3/B3 has a sliding switch on the bottom of the mouse to select dpi.

Does Penclic Mouse™ remember the dpi setting if changed?
Once the power is shut off, the dpi setting will return to its default setting, 1200 dpi.

How do I know when the batteries need to be recharged?
When the battery needs recharging the LED on the mouse will display a red light. When the battery is fully charged a green light will be displayed. With everyday usage the battery will last approximately 1 months before recharging is needed. Remember to recharge the battery before you use the mouse the first time.

What kind of battery is it?
A rechargeable AAA 1.2V NiMH battery is included with the wireless Penclic Mouse. Non rechargeable AAA batteries can be used as well, LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaine. NOTE: Do not try to charge non rechargeable batteries.

The mouse stops working. Why?
Energy saving mode starts after 10 minutes on the wireless Penclic Mouse, press Left click, Right click or Middle click on the mouse to resume use. NOTE: See Troubleshooting if energy saving mode is not the cause.

How far away does the wireless mouse work?
The wireless Penclic Mouse minimum reach 5 metres.

How long is the cable for the corded mouse?
The cable for the corded Penclic Mouse version is 1.6 metres in length.