FAQ – Mini Keyboard KB3


How do I get Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 – bluetooth to work with my computer?
To connect the KB3 via bluetooth, switch on the keyboard. The “state” indicator should be blue. If it is green (corded state) press Fn+1. The “state” indicator should turn blue. Press Fn+C keys together to enter pairing mode. the “state” indicator should start to blink blue. On your device, go to “settings”. Activate the bluetooth function and search for the keyboard device. Select “Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 on your device. The keyboard will now be paired with your device.
To connect the KB3 via USB-cord, switch on the keyboard. Connect the keyboard to your device with your USB cable. The “state” indicator should be green. If it is blue (Bluetooth mode) press Fn+2 together. The “state” indicator should turn green. (Note: the state indicator will not change unless the USB cable is connected.) Wait for the drivers to install.
The driver installation starts automatically.

How is Penclic Mini Keyboard suited for my needs?
The compact size and low keys allows a more centred and healthy working position. Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3’s normal size keys provide a good tactile feeling which results in a quick response when typing, creating a relaxed and efficient time in front of the computer. The contemporary and relaxing colours make the keyboard as easy on your eyes as it is on your fingertips. This is a visual ergonomic improvement, implemented to enhance user experience.

What problems may Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) cause?
RSI is an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous system that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, sustained or awkward positions. Problems with the neck, shoulders and hands can occur due to highly controlled, static, monotonous, repetitive work.


Which operating systems does Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 work with?
The supported platforms for Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 are Windows, Android, IOS and OSX. Note: the KB3 does not work with Windows Mobile.

How do i switch between the different operating systems to access the special functions for that device?
Simply press together Fn+Q for Android, Fn+W for Windows and Fn+E for IOS or OSX.

Do you need any extra software?
No extra software/driver installations are needed.

What features does Penclic Mini Keyboard have?
It is a slim, 5 mm in profile keyboard with normal sized scissor keys. The keys are also low Quiet-touch.  A a micro-USB charging cable is included.

Do the keyboard have any extra functions?
Everything in blue text is special functions and is activated by holding the Fn key and then pressing the key. See the different functions below.



What do the LEDs on the keyboard indicate?
The KB3 has 3 LED indicator lights. Caps Lock indicator, State light which shows if the KB3 is in Corded or Bluetooth mode. It is also the Bluetooth status indicator. The final LED indicator is the Power, charging and battery power indicator.

How do I know when the batteries need to be recharged?
Press “Fn + Backspace ” to show battery status. Status indication: Flashing green. ( Each flash represents
25% battery. One Flash 25% charge. Two Flashes, 50% charge. Three Flashes, 75% charge. Four Flashes, 100% charge)

What kind of battery is it?
Lithium-polymer battery. Battery voltage:3.1V~4.2V

How far away does the bluetooth keyboard work?
In bluetooth mode the Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 reaches 10 metres.

How long is the cable for the corded keyboard?
The cable for the corded Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 is 1.5 metres in length.

What can I do if I lose my recharging cable?
It is a standard micro USB cable and the keyboard will work with your standard one.