Digital Artist Khuantru talks about using the Penclic Mouse

A few weeks back while doing some research on the internet we found some amazing artwork that was created using (amongst other tools) a penclic mouse. We contacted the artist Khuantru to see if he was interested in talking about what he likes about the mouse and how it helps him with his creations. This is what he told us.

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I would like to introduce myself to you about the ‘Penclic’ mouse / pen I stumbled upon by sheer luck while browsing for items via my local Pc World Store in London, United Kingdom. I have been vectoring fan art illustrations for a number of years using the traditional tool ‘mouse’ and I recently wanted to replace my current one with another. I stumbled upon the wired Penclic, at first glance the design is a pen but with a small base at the bottom that I believe functions as a mouse,  I took a chance on it and purchased one for myself to use & to experiment with my illustrations.

It does take some time adapt and get use to, especially if you have been using the ‘mouse’ for years creating digital fan arts / editing pictures.  After a while, it does get easier and on top of that, the ‘pros’ come in, the buttons that are laid out onto the pen / base works wonders and are very convenient to navigate the web, your desk top & your illustration software. I’ve been using the ‘penclic’ tool for about a year now and so far the experience with it for creating the fan arts I do are positive.  I would recommend this to any one that is interested in moving away from the ‘mouse’ to a pen type tool. Give it a chance, it’s really a pen / mouse experience for your computer platform.

Also I would like to thank ‘Penclic’ for sharing my experience as well the fan arts I have produced using the wired penclic tool onto their blog page as examples of what I have done with it. Hopefully we’ll see other works from you here on their blog.

Best wishes everyone and good luck creating your art with your Penclic tool.

Khuan Tru

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