Our Mice and Keyboards are once again on “Best for Mac” lists!

Read what MacWorld has to say about the KB3 below:

Penclic is a Swedish accessory company with a specific focus on products that help reduce repetitive strain injury and other desk-related ailments. That means the KB3 has a firm focus on ergonomics, with a light key travel, comfortable spacing, full-sized keys, and a subtle gradient to the aluminium body.

The KB3 is a similar size and style to Apple’s own Magic Keyboard, but opts for a more colourful design, the black body broken by orange and teal highlights to illustrate the various secondary key functions.

Like the Magic Keyboard it’s wireless and rechargeable – though it uses Micro-USB rather than Lightning – and is compatible with iOS. It also has the added benefit of working with Windows and Android in case you ever need to break out of the Apple ecosystem.

Read the whole article or buy your very own KB3.

All Photos in this blogpost is taken by @ciaranoelleoc. Have a look at her blog, its fab!