Penclic KB3 – So flexible and so shiny!

Penclic are now releasing a stylish new keyboard to our successful range of mini keyboards. The Mini Keyboard KB3 is our first Bluetooth keyboard and it works seamlessly with Windows, Android, IOS and OSX. With all the special command keys that you need across all platforms. (Not Windows Mobile)

The entire casing is made out of aluminium, making the keyboard as sturdy and durable as they come. It also makes it shiny and luxurious. They keys/switches are as comfortable as they are able to be with a satisfying feedback that is both fast to type on and lenient on your fingertips. The rubber feet ensures that the keyboard stays in its position on your workdesk.


It is both a bluetooth keyboard and a corded keyboard. Switch between the two settings to guarantee a good connection to any device/operating system mentioned above.

Penclic design keyboards and mice that help to reduce and prevent the symptoms of R.S.I. (Repetitive Strain Injury). The KB3 has rounded low profile keys which are quiet, tactile and easy to trigger making for a fast, effective and above all an accurate user interface. Designed in-line with our other successful Penclic keyboards the KB3 uses the ‘tenkeyless’ design which reduces the keyboards footprint by placing the keyboard in a closer and more comfortable working position. The keyboard is only 5-10 mm thick in a wedge shape allowing the user to rest their arms flat on the work surface.

The KB3 is currently available in sassy black and we will be releasing the KB3 in a few other striking colours at the beginning of 2017.

It is currently available in Sweden and in the UK and more countries to follow. (within a couple of months) So keep your eyes open and check back to our site every now and then too make sure you dont miss the opportunity to be one of the first to own your own sassy and shiny Penclic KB3.

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