Penclics travel kits are now available!

Penlic wants their users to be healthy wherever they are, that’s why we have designed travelkits to make it easier for you to be ergonomically correct on the go, ergo on the go!

Our bags are large enough to fit our keyboard, our numpad and our nicetouch plus a pair of fishhooks that are used to raise your laptop to a better height. The Penclic mouse fits perfectly in the separate case, keeping it safe from knocks on your travels.


Everything in Penclics range is super light which means that there is no excuse for not bringing it along with you when you are our and about. By pushing your laptop away from you, using fishhooks to raise the height of the screen and by using our mini keyboard and touchpad to center your working position, you automatically sit better and avoid bending your neck down to look at your laptop screen. The Penclic mouse is a great travel companion as the pen grip feels much more natural and you avoid any twists in your wrists when you use it. Because you only need small movements with the Penclic mouse it it well suited for working in small areas, such as on a plane or a train.

Remember the most important thing while travelling. Take time to look up from your computer and check out the surroundings. You might be travelling in your work, but travel is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. The world is full of wonderous things. Don’t miss them!