The Penclic way to have fun at work

Its important to have fun at work. Not just because it makes you happier and enjoy your work even more, but because it can also be good for you health wise. At Penclic, having fun at work is a must. We are a small team that work very closely together at all times so grumpy faces spread easely. Thats something that we try to avoid. Here are a few small pointers that help us to have fun at work.

Music – we all love music and the music list is a constant source for friendly banter within the team. Some want to listen to some sort of music (and I use the word music very loosely) and the rest of us get to get our friendly banter on. However, it is important to let everyone chose a few songs that are their personal favourites, no matter what the others think. We have created our own spotify list with songs that all of us have chosen. The health aspect of this is that no one can sit still while listening to great music. Lots of chair shifting, behind swinging and small foot dance routines underneath the work desks going on at all times. Listen to Penclics list on Spotify

Get up and move around alot – Take mini breaks and grab a coffee or a cup of tea every now and then. Sit somewhere else and have a chat together. Make sure to ask everyone how their weekend was, or what they are going to do the next weekend. Everyone likes to feel important and heard. We have walk and talk meetings at Penclic. Why sit in a conference room when you can have a walk beside a lake or in a park. We often combine our meetings with a walk to the coffee shop for our daily latte.

Laugh a lot – it cant be business all the time. Our techie Ollie will always provide us with a laugh by sharing the latest funny video doing the rounds. Peter loves to share stupid Autocorrects or bad parent texts. Stina is never late in joining in on some friendly banter and Josefine knows everything funny currently being shared on facebook. She also loves to try to get everyone else on snapchat. How many pictures of Peter with butterflies in his hair are there by now?

Last but not least. Be appreciative of everyone elses work. Complement them on a job well done.