New client Sarah talks about her first impressions of the R2

Penclic asked one of our new clients Sarah to answer a few questions about the Penclic mouse. The Mouse Sarah had bought was our R2 which is our five button wireless model.

1 – Is it easy to get used to the mouse?

It didnt take long at all for me to get used to the Penclics R2. Because its shaped like a pen it is very natural to just grip the pen and start working. My estimation is that it took around a week until it was perfectly natural to use it!

2 – What does using the Penclic mouse feel like?

Very comfortable! When I first used the mouse I automatically placed it beside my keyboard. Thats where its always been. When I was told to place it in front of the keyboard, in front of me, it all became a lot easier.

3 – Your first impressions?

Very positive. Finding the right technique to access all the functions was easy. I also feel that the normal tension in my wrists and shoulders that I feel with a regular mouse is all gone.

4 – Has anyone at your office reacted to your Penclic Mouse?

I was laughing as I read this question – So many reactions! “what the hell is that?!” och ”How does that work?” There have been so many questions and so many sniggers, I do admit that it looks kinda funny – but dont judge the book by its cover. Many have tried it and although it takes some getting used to they do understand the concept and they also understand that it is good ergonomically, because that you feel straight away!

Penclic R2 Mouse

The Penclic R2 has 5 buttons and a scroll wheel