Blogger Reviews: Penclic’s new KB3 keyboard

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The reviews of our newest keyboards are starting to turn up and we are collecting them here for everyone to read.

Alice Bonasio
Speaking of batteries, that’s what sold this baby to me. I absolutely loathe how often you have to change the batteries on your Bluetooth Apple keyboards – to say nothing of the rummaging around for a coin to get the compartment unscrewed and trying to remember which way in they go – , and the fact you can just charge this one via USB is a real godsend. It also looks cool (I had the black one but they will soon be launching pink and grey versions) and is small and lightweight enough to carry around comfortably.”
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“The Penclic Mini Keyboard is a fabulous gift for tech lovers. Penclic’s latest mini keyboard looks and feels amazing. It is made of metal and the buttons feel great to type on…
…One great feature about this keyboard is that it gives you the versatility of connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth as well as allowing you to switch to corded connection. For corded connection, the cable length is 150cm.”
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“If you have a high-end, stylish laptop and you want a decent keyboard that won’t look out of place next to it, the KB3 is a great choice. It’s well made and performs well, with a fantastic setup and great slim design meaning it should fit in any bag.”
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Mighty Gadget
Overall build quality is probably the standout feature here. Its aluminium body feel excellent while not being too weighty. It is considerably better than all the other portable Bluetooth keyboards I have used in the past.”
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