Penclic Mouse R2

“You gotta try it to see if you really would like to incorporate this interesting mouse pen into your daily life.”

“Compared to my experience with travel mice, the Penclic is far more comfortable. At first, I’ll admit I had a death grip on it like I did with my regular mouse, but over time, I noticed my grip getting looser and more fluid.”

“We applaud the company for providing an innovative solution to a prevalent problem. Around 86 per cent of office workers experience symptoms of RSI at some point during their career.”


Penclic Mouse R3

“I’ve also found that I can ditch my wrist rest / mouse pad because I don’t feel those aches and pangs of pain that I used to with a mouse – it’s definitely something worth looking at if you’re a designer.”


Penclic Mouse B2

“As someone who has personally suffered from RSI, I can assure you that it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially if you work on a computer the entire time as many of us do. Luckily there is now a perfect solution, in the form of the Penclic Bluetooth Mouse”

“Holding it like a pen also means that you can move it quite precisely, way more than a mouse. Little strain, little effort, movement all over.”


Penclic Mouse B3

“Whether you suffer from carpal tunnel or just enjoy the feel of holding a pen, the Penclic B3 is one mouse that will make your hands very, very happy.”

“If you are looking for a mouse alternative I think this should be high on your list, but if you are looking for an alternative because of a physical limitation or injury than you should certainly give this a try.


Penclic Bluetooth Mini Keyboard KB3

“Like the Magic Keyboard it’s wireless and rechargeable – though it uses Micro-USB rather than Lightning – and is compatible with iOS. It also has the added benefit of working with Windows and Android in case you ever need to break out of the Apple ecosystem.”

“Speaking of batteries, that’s what sold this baby to me. I absolutely loathe how often you have to change the batteries on your Bluetooth Apple keyboards – to say nothing of the rummaging around for a coin to get the compartment unscrewed and trying to remember which way in they go – , and the fact you can just charge this one via USB is a real godsend.”

“Overall build quality is probably the standout feature here. Its aluminium body feel excellent while not being too weighty. It is considerably better than all the other portable Bluetooth keyboards I have used in the past.”

“The Penclic Mini Keyboard is a fabulous gift for tech lovers. The Penclic latest mini keyboard looks and feels amazing. It is made of metal and the buttons feel great to type on…
…One great feature about this keyboard is that it gives you the versatility of connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth as well as allowing you to switch to corded connection. For corded connection, the cable length is 150cm.”

“If you have a high-end, stylish laptop and you want a decent keyboard that won’t look out of place next to it, the KB3 is a great choice. It’s well made and performs well, with a fantastic setup and great slim design meaning it should fit in any bag.”


Penclic Mini Keyboard K2

“Where do you start to review a wireless keyboard? Does it turn on? Yes. Does it connect flawlessly and easily to your Mac, PC and Linux? Yes. Does it work? Well, duh. And this kinda sums it up for every wireless keyboards out there, but the Penclic K2 Keyboard is something more than your ordinary wireless keyboards.”

“So, a month on I am pleased to report that the Penclic experience has been very positive. The Penclic keyboard is a Swedish design and let’s face it, those style and design savvy Swedes are good at creating next generation, quality and good value gadgets.”


Penclic Mechanical Keyboard MK1

“The Penclic MK1 features “Brown” keys, which aren’t as “clicky” as the keyboards you used in the 1980s and 1990s, but they still provide clear tactile feedback without being quit as loud as other kinds, which we assume will be a lot less annoying for anyone who is around you. We actually enjoy the Brown keys quite a bit found this made it helped improve our already speedy typing.”


People talking about Penclic products

“I sit in front of the computer the whole day, I write a lot but also work a lot with the mouse. Years with the wrong hand position and much clicking resulted in aching elbow, beginning to carpal tunnel syndrome and not to forget , my tense neck and shoulders. At least ones a week it has been necessary to visit a masseur. An ergonomics expert has visited us at work and moved the screens further back , lowered the desk and adjusted the setting on the chairs alt . ordered new chairs. No difference. Until now…
I have had Penclics keyboard with mousepen and touchmousepad. What a difference!! No pain in the wrists or numbing fingers, tension in the shoulders and neck are so much better, even my masseur notice a huge difference. I recommend anyone to replace their traditional tools to Penclics ergonomic products.”
/Bibbi Strömberg | Programredaktör Tablå | Sveriges Television SVT World


“I have been using a Penclic wireless mouse for nearly 5 years now and if it were possible to give it 10 stars then I would! Prior to finding this Penclic mouse, I had tried numerous other computer mice that were being recommended for people with RSI but none of them actually dealt with the painful issue of raising my wrist and forefinger to enable me to scroll through a web page or work document …this one action would leave me in such agony it was becoming a total nightmare to work on my computer. Even using the track pad on my MacBook painful. Then I found Penclic! Yes it took me a few days to get used to, but gone are the days of wrist and forearm problems. To say that I am thrilled with a mouse might sound rather bizarre, but if you’ve ever had that searing burning feeling every time you try to browse the web or do some work on your computer ? ….and a new mouse just takes that pain away….well you can understand where I’m going here What people need to undestand, is that although you hold it like a pen…it’s a mouse…so yes, you have to move it around just like any other mouse on the market…..! But then comes the magic! Ta Da!!! Where it’s REALLY wonderful, is that by holdng it like a pen and then using the button on the side of the barrel of the “Pen” or using the scrolling wheel on either the base or in later models the barrel, your wrist and finger are in a much more neutral position…so no burning and therefore no pain! YAY!!! Let joy be unconfined!!! This little mouse has transformed my life (truly!)….and if you have just a little patience and give yourself a little time to get used to it, (and remember it’s a mouse and not a pen) then you’ll be rewarded just like me. ??”
/Imogen McCready


“The Penclic Keyboard looks great, fits perfectly into an office, and is still comfortable to use.”
/Dario Vodopivec | Frontend Developer


“With Penclic, my work as a designer has become both more fun and easy. I work faster and smoother which is appreciated, especially by my boss.”
/Kerry | Designer & Creative Support