Penclic combines design, ergonomics and functionality with comfort.

Penclic wants computer users to be healthy wherever they are

Today’s workplaces are much more mobile and computing is evolving every day. Even the traditional office design has changed. We must keep up with these new developments to deliver the optimal working position, remain efficient and simply do a great job!

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Digital Artist Khuantru talks about using the Penclic Mouse!

A few weeks back while doing some research on the internet we found some amazing artwork that was created using (amongst other tools) a penclic mouse. We contacted the artist Khuantru to see if he was interested in talking about what he likes about the mouse and how it helps him with his creations. This is what he told us:


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What can i do to prevent or treat RSI?

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is an injury that can be caused by repeatedly using your muscles and joints in the wrong way. For example, by not sitting right by your computer, or holding your hands and arms in an unnatural posture repeatedly for a long time.

RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are two of the most common causes of work-related sick leave and costs companies billions in absenteeism and health care. In the US alone, RSI and CTS costs more than $ 20 billion in medical allowance each year.

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Penclic is a Swedish company who combine the latest technology with sleek, ergonomic design. Our products make your work by the computer more functional and efficient. We always aim for durability, quality and care. Penclics innovative computer accessories are attuned to the ergonomic requirements that our bodies need. These ergonomic advances provided in our products grant the user an amazing and unique experience, without sacrificing on quality or function. Apart from the strong ergonomic advantages found in Penclic products, we strive to include nifty technological functions and smart, clean Scandinavian design. Our focus is to offer effective and comfortable solutions to our customer. Penclic started their journey of computer accessory reinterpretation in 2011.

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